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At Raven Point, we have instituted a unique approach when it comes to our clients. Instead of customers, we treat each individual as a team member. We provide top of the line firearms and elite firearm training for our members. We also offer a wide range of services, from working with our members to build custom firearms, along with providing consultations for cyber security and technical solutions.

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Our instructors use their years of firearm experience to revolutionize our firearm training courses, aimed at elevating your firearm knowledge and technical skills. We offer NRA certified courses, as well as custom designed courses to strengthen your expertise.

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Custom tactical & elite firearm courses
Our custom-designed elite training experiences were designed with you in mind - and preparing you for today’s ever-changing world. We also offer a variety of NRA certified courses to keep your skills sharp. Our classes are kept small to provide one-on-one training with our expert instructors, allowing them to assess every students ability and help each achieve their maximum potential. This also ensures we have nothing less than an extremely safe training environment alongside our elite training experience.
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Custom gunsmithing by experts in the field
Raven Point Group has the expertise and equipment necessary to complete all aspects of firearm manufacturing and upgrades. We do ground up builds that require everything machined, fit, threaded, chambered, and test fired - to altering aesthetics to increasing function and reliability. Our quality craftsmanship is apparent with every one of our firearms; let us help make your dream firearm a reality. Schedule an appointment to discuss your firearm needs with one of our gunsmithing experts. Our gunsmithing is $55/hour.
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pennsylvania FFL firearm transfer appointments
If you’re looking to purchase a new firearm or have bought one online, we’re available for all your firearm transfer needs in Pennsylvania, including person-to-person transfers. The appointment will include filling out the required federal paperwork, as well as an instant background check with the Pennsylvania State Police’s PICS system (fees included in the FFL cost). $25 - pay at the appointment. Please bring a Pennsylvania-issued driver’s license or identification card. Schedule your appointment below or contact us with questions.
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