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The F Word: Fundamentals

What a way to start a post, by talking about such risqué subject matter. That’s right, we’re talking about fundamentals.  That nasty word that plenty of shooters want to shy away from, because “a hit is a hit” in their mind.   The plate still rings out if you clip the edge or drop a round in the center.  It counts as a point either way.  Plenty of good bad shooters fill their freezers every hunting season with meat.  Does that mean they are good, or just good enough?

Having just gotten back from a 3 day Precision Rifle class, where fundamentals are not only beaten into us each and every shot, but they are fine tuned throughout the entire shot process. Sure we can get away with a lot of unrefined fundamentals up close, but the truth is evident the farther we shoot. This doesn’t only ring true with precision rifles, but is just as evident with pistols and carbines. The ranges may not be as far, but distance tells the story. Sometimes the story is crap.  Let’s not even talk about adding stress to the situation.

Let’s take casual pistol shooters. I like nit-picking them a bunch. Not all you pistol shooters. Don’t start lighting torches and sharpening those pitch forks.  Those shooters who live off of success based mediocrity, as I like to call it. You know who you are.

We’ve seen plenty of shooters, targets all lined up at 5 yards, blasting away with their pistols, taking out that paper bad guy. Finishing with big smiles on their faces knowing that they just saved the world from an 18” x 30” cardboard felon intent on giving you the worst paper-cut of your life.  “Good shooting Tex, your buddies will be proud.  What about that paper plate at 50 yards?”

When it comes down to it, most pistol shooters will always put their targets within their comfort zone. That “comfort zone” is the distance they can hit a target the majority of the time based on the limitations of their fundamentals.  Hell, ammo ain’t cheap and neither is the proper training. So their results based outcome needs to be a positive one.  And if the firing line is crowded, no one wants to be “that guy”.   Lots of “combat accuracy” taking place on that line.  Too bad, because with the proper execution of fine-tuned fundamentals, you could have been the superstar of that firing line.  That show off with the target at the end of the bay. That’s the shooter you really want to be.

Over the next few posts, I will be discussing the fundamentals of shooting.  My opinion of how best to execute them. Give you a few drills you can use to practice them. All in an effort to help educate you and make you a better shooter.

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  1. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this post and the rest of the site is also really good.

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The F Word: Fundamentals

What a way to start a post, by talking about such risqué subject matter. That’s right, we’re talking about fundamentals.  That nasty word that plenty

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